Lift Rental

Lift Rental

Lift Rental


ALBATROS has created solutions to meet the needs of our own transportation needs. Elevator rental service is also one of our services.

ALBATROS Transport provides rental elevator service to the transport companies operating in istanbul and to transportation companies coming from the other cities.

Elevator rental service is a system that is used much in recent years. This system, which has speed, precision and material suffering advantages, is being used by all companies that provide home-to-home service today. In addition, elevator rental service is offered in the same way for use in different sectors. The largest goods transport elevator extends to the 17th floor.

Much of the damage that occurs during transportation occurs inside the building. Thanks to the Elevator Renting Service, you will be transported with the help of lifts, there will be no damages in the building, stairs, doorways in the standard carriage.

Elevator Leasing Service is being used by home delivery company from many houses today because of saving labor force and time, more convenient transportation of large, long, heavy materials in size. We also know that the companies that provide glass cleaning service have a lift rental service.

As Albatros Transportation, we are constantly following the developments in the sector and strive to increase our service quality every day. We offer elevator rental service for all the districts and regions on the Istanbul European Side and Istanbul Anatolian Side. You can call us to get detailed information.

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