International Home-to-Home Transport

International Home-to-Home Transport

International Home-to-Home Transport

As Odak International Home-to-Transportation, scale the household goods in various options according to volume of the goods and the place where the person will go. We offer our customers a service quality that is always in line with the world standards by scaling and making pricing on the most suitable options such as air, land and sea.

We increase our service quality by cooperating with professional companies that are our business partners in international home to home delivery and destination. Thanks to the many organizations we have, we have a network of agencies that can serve the same quality all over the world. According to our way of sending our customers’ products such as air, land or sea, an agency with certain quality standards at the point of arrival has successfully delivered the delivery or packaging service.

We also serve with our own closed-door vehicles in Europe. We deliver the goods that we receive from designated points in Turkey or located on the route (between Turkey and UK) from many countries (Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland) , safely to the addresses at the destination by organizing transportation once every 15 days. One of the greatest advantages we offer to our customers is that we charge them in terms of cubic meters based on the area covered by their products.

We are also shipping sea freight to other European countries as well as overseas countries such as America, Japan and Australia. We also organize groupage and container shipments. As an IATA member, we are able to have the advantage of being able to send our cargo to many destinations around the world by many airline companies.

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